Green Funerals, back to nature

Environmentally-conscious “green” living may be one of the most beneficial movements in the world today, yet most people associate green only with living. For people who want to preserve the environment, green funerals and green burials provide a way to make the end of life more meaningful too. For many people, a greener funeral represents an ethical as well as philosophical choice. For others, it is a way to find value and significance in a simpler funeral process.

A Guide to Green Funerals
This website is intended as a general guide to green funerals. While it is by no means exhaustive on the subject, the site introduces the reader to the full spectrum of greener practices one might consider when planning a funeral. Ask your local funeral home about green burial products, such as those sold by Passages International, Inc., green cemeteries and other eco-friendly options available to you and your loved ones.


Green and Greener

At we believe that green is in the eye of the beholder. That’s why we use the terms “green” and “greener” on this website.
Big step or little step, we think that whatever you choose to do to preserve and protect our environment is a good thing in life, and in death.


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