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A Greener Funeral Exhibiting at 2014 Los Angeles Green Festival»

For Immediate ReleaseAugust 2014 Contact: Darren Crouch info@agreenerfuneral.orgPassages International Inc.6819 Cochiti Rd. SEAlbuquerque, NM 87108   A Greener Funeral will be exhibiting at the Green Festival at the Los Angeles Convention Center September 12-14, 2014. A Greener Funeral (AGF), and its companion web site,, were created to help consumers learn more about the subject…

Attending Green Festivals in 2014»

A Greener Funeral is excited to be present at this year’s Green Festivals in NYC, LA, and Chicago. Please visit us to learn more about greener funerals, see product samples, and take part in our survey about modern day funeral traditions & practices. A few lucky participants will win really cool prizes!

DIY Death: Natural, At-Home Funerals And Their Boomer Appeal»

Webster, a longtime hospice volunteer, says while data-gathering remains tricky, it’s clear the movement is growing. “There’s an explosion” of interest in home funerals or blended, hybrid funerals with some elements done personally and some left to traditional funeral directors, she says. What’s driving this explosion? It’s a Boomer thing, according to Webster. “This is the generation that fought for breast-feeding in public and home births; and they want to bring back the idea of a natural death. It’s the ethic of this generation.”

Going, green: Natural burial offers chance for eco-friendly dying»

Green burial options at Forest Rest include a biodegradable wicker-and-seagrass coffin and a linen burial shroud. Or the decedent can simply leave the living in the same condition in which the living were joined — naked as a jaybird.

Funerals go green as some opt for ‘natural’ burials»

A Wisconsin cemetery is offering “natural” burials. A body is quite simply put into the ground and buried. If there is a casket it must be biodegradable.

Green Burials Versus Traditional Burials»

Green burials are an environment-friendly alternative to a traditional burial. Green burials also referred to as natural burials, impose less harm to the environment compared to conventional funerals.

New funeral trends displayed at Austin Convention Center»

Drawing folks from all over the world, the National Funeral Directors Association held its annual meeting at the Austin Convention Center.